Of Writing

Of Writing

As I am writing my 24th post on this blog, I decided to go back to the beginning.

Whenever I consider something that I am inspired by, something that motivates me, or something that I simply can’t be without, I like to start from the beginning.

I didn’t always love to write. The idea of taking a pen or a pencil to a piece of paper provoked more anxiety than losing my cell phone.

It wasn’t so much that I didn’t have ideas floating around in my head. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to write about. It was that writing is such a deeply personal venture. It is foundationally a manifestation of your emotions as you connect the heart to the brain and the brain to a writing utensil and that utensil marks up that paper with every ounce of fear, elation, exaltation and explanation of the very essence of who you are.

And then….it’s out there.

It’s out there for you to revisit and relive.

And then, if you so choose, you publish. And I don’t mean you have a company that’s running copies of this for someone to Amazon Prime it. I mean you let others in to experience your writing. Notice how I didn’t say “read” your writing.

Writing is an experience as much as reading a piece of writing is. It requires a level of engagement of your emotions. It’s active and involved. It’s living.

How did I get from the point of anxiousness to enthusiasm?

Well, I went back to the beginning.

I happened upon my red spiral bound Creative Writing notebook from my senior year of high school.

There are so many entries. So many different topics explored. So many scratch outs and teacher comments. So much rawness and so much enthusiasm.

I focussed less on my own writing and more on my teacher’s feedback of my writing.

And that’s when it hit me.

The feedback I received from my Creative Writing teacher led me to a much deeper place. It required me to explore myself more deeply. It didn’t say anything critical. It didn’t say much about spelling or punctuation. It just spoke to me. It spoke with me.

She translated the writing piece into a soul searching venture simply by giving the precise feedback. Asking the perfect questions. As every great teacher does.

She agitated something inside me that inflamed my desire to take that writing utensil and emote through it.

My writing improved. But most importantly, I improved.

I encourage you to write. To find the courage to dig deeper into who you are. To start from the beginning.

It will take you places you’ve never been. It will transport you. It will transform you.

Such is the lesson Of Writing.


Author: brusviews

I am what I am and that's not all that I am.

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