Of Roller Coasters

Of Roller Coasters

What happens when you take that leap of faith? When you put yourself out there like you’ve never done before. All your cards are on the table. You’re exposed. You’re vulnerable.

Is every breath a dance of liberation?

Or is every breath a tango of anxiousness?

Do you feel alive or at odds?

Do you question whether there is anything that could better?

Or do you question what it is you’ve done?

Do you want to dive deeper?

Or are you looking for an escape route?

That risk. That leap of faith. That’s your instinct taking over. That’s your intuition.

The rest are questions. Questions we all face all the time. Embedded in them are our doubts and our fears. Our hopes and our dreams. We will never stop asking our questions.

But sometimes, we let our questions stop us from experiencing the very things that make us feel ourselves the most.

Our intuition is our greatest asset. When we go with it, we ride a roller coaster of emotions and feelings that teaches us to be the better version of ourselves. When we fight it, we hide. We retreat. We take cover.

Life is a roller coaster no matter how you look it. But if you love roller coasters as I do, find the fun. Enjoy the ride.

Because, as far as I know, we only get one turn.

Such is the lesson Of Roller Coasters.


Author: brusviews

I am what I am and that's not all that I am.

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