Of Confidence

Of Confidence

I have never been short on confidence. Being short, requires a certain elevated level of confidence which may allow someone who is vertically challenged to stand out a little bit more. Some may refer to it as a Napoleon Complex…which makes me wonder what it’s called when someone who is super tall has confidence? I think it’s just confidence.

Anyway, I digress.

Confidence is something that makes you stand out.

And then there’s cockiness. Arrogance. Which can easily be replaced or used as a misinterpretation or misunderstanding of confidence.

What creates and builds confidence?

When we achieve a level of success it helps to build our confidence. And then there are the inevitable failures…which shake our confidence or knock them down.

I contend that our failures are more the confidence builders than our successes.

Our successes give us a sense of confidence while our failures challenge the core of our confidence and create the building blocks of our successes.

The more lessons I learn, the more I realize I have so much to learn and to grow from, the more confidence I gain.

And then I think about what makes us confident. Someone believes in you and then the spark is lit. We feed off of that. And from there we take over and have to find ourselves. We have to find that place where confidence is grown from within. We own every aspect of who we are. And we are in total control. Whether we use it as fuel is up to us.

I have no doubt about who I am what I am capable of.

Yes, that’s confidence.

I have no doubt that I am in control of the choices that I make.

Yes, that’s confidence.

I have no doubt who is on my team.

And that’s who inspires my confidence.

Erase your doubts about who are you are and know that you have control. And then, gather your team.

It’s all there for you.

Such is the lesson of Confidence.


Author: brusviews

I am what I am and that's not all that I am.

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