Of Questions

Of Questions


Just look at it.


There it is again.


Its serpentine quality is so intimidating.


It hooks. It hangs. Hovering over a suspended speck.

The discomfort of questions is wrapped up in its punctuational representation and in its aura that we, as free thinking beings, grapple with constantly.

Questions, like water, can be a source of life and sustainability, or we can simply drown in them.

I have a question for you.

……………………………..just hearing that yields some form of reaction inside of us and how we react to that, shapes the very essence of who we are.

Perhaps you felt a little nervousness. LIke, oh no, what is he going to ask me?? Perhaps you felt a semblance of excitement. Like, Oh cool, he is so invested in me that he wants to ask a question.

On the one hand, it seems we don’t want to be questioned. On the other hand, we want our questions to be answered.

It’s a vicious cycle of interrupted communication.

And yet, we exist as innately curious forces that ping off of one another until such time as we ourselves find some level of comfort in either the answers that we seek or the questions that we have yet to explore.

On the one hand, one might feel interrogated when being on the receiving end of a barrage of questions. On the other hand, one might feel inspired to explore themselves and have their ideas challenged when on the receiving end of a barrage of questions.

And then there’s offering up the opportunity to ask questions.

On the one hand, the invitation could seem an empty one. One might say, “Do you have any questions?” And quietly there’s a hope of just being able to move on. On the other hand, one might say, “What questions do you have?” This is an open-ended invitation with the hope that people think more deeply and reach inside themselves to further seek understanding.

Take a look at this:

Who. What. Where. When. Why. How.

I intentionally put periods after each one because it appears less threatening. If it’s declarative, we’re ok. We’re comforted.

But watch this…Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Oh no!!!!! You’re questioning me!!!!!

So, where do we go from here?










That was me giving you think time. That was my gift to you.

And that’s where I believe we must go. That awkward silence that fills the space between the question and the response is the very place we must reside, uncomfortably, in order that we reach a level of comfort with questions. Both in our offering up of them, and in our receiving of them.

Think time.

So, on this Christmas, my wish for you is to unwrap the questions that you have, invest in others by being receptive to the questions that are posed to you.

And take some think time.

Of all the gifts you may receive today, perhaps the greatest one is the one you already possess.

Such is the lesson of Of Questions.


Author: brusviews

I am what I am and that's not all that I am.

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