Of Gratitude

Of Gratitude


What a total cop out to write about gratitude the week of Thanksgiving.

This passe topic gets recycled each and every year we decide to prepare an expansive meal with a giant bird at its centerpiece.

We gather together in what might seem a manufactured setting and pretend to crave cranberry sauce and other sides we never consider at any other time of the year for the sake of expressing “gratitude.”

I’m not knocking Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe it sounded a little like I was. In fact, it may very well be my favorite holiday. But it most certainly doesn’t resonate to me a sense of gratitude as much as it does a sense of “timing.”

You see gratitude is timeless.

What we are grateful for is, and should be something, perpetual.

And when we break it down and really consider what we are grateful for, it begins and always will be about, our story.

That we get to narrate our story is our greatest power and for that we should consider it the ultimate source of gratitude.

I have done some things that I am not proud of. And I have done some things that I am extremely proud of. What those things were is less relevant than the “why” in the story that I tell and the lessons that I take from them.

In consideration of the “why” I have yielded to my sense of understanding of the gratitude I should feel for my story.

Accessing that point in yourself where you find what it is that allows you to feel a genuine sense of gratitude for your story can transport your reality into the realm where you feel more pride and less shame in your actions.

My story is embedded in this photo of me:

I’m held up by a solid brick foundation and yet I lean on a basketball to provide me with support. I coax a smile that shows a level of content, and all at the same time a sense of obligation. I’m wearing a watch, as I always did, because time was, and always is, our greatest threat.

And as I look at this photo, I see a character in a story of which I try to get to know better.

Sometimes we are characters in a story written by other people.

And sometimes we are the character in our own story.

I’m grateful for my story. I’m grateful for the character that I get to play in my story.

And what I have learned most from this is that our story is timeless. And that it is ours to tell.

No limits. No boundaries. No obstructions.

It is ours to own.

And for that, I am grateful.

Such is the lesson of Gratitude.

Author: brusviews

I am what I am and that's not all that I am.

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