Of Trust

Of Trust


We are living in a day and age where we question everything including those things that our senses tell us are actual.

There is a new normal out there. Don’t believe what you see or hear. Believe what you are told to believe.

There is an ultimate assault on Trust.

Who can you trust? What can you trust?

We must be intelligent consumers of information or we become suspect to the fallacies that our eyes and ears don’t capture.

What do you trust? Who do you trust?

Ultimately I think the answer lies with our instincts.

Our instincts are the thing that take over when we can’t decide on whether something is or is not valid.

Trust your instincts, they say.

I say, your instincts are your trust.

This is my daughter doing something instinctual.

She trusts in herself to be able to hold herself up on a 4 inch wide apparatus without falling.

Does that mean that she won’t fall? Not at all. All that matters is that the trust is there.

That’s the ultimate in trust. When we instinctively feel a certain way and trust in that feeling even if the outcome isn’t what we thought it would be. If my daughter falls, does she cease to trust? Nope. She gets back up and tries again. She will use her instincts to trust and work toward the outcome that she seeks.

Maybe trust isn’t something you build. Maybe trust isn’t something you earn. And maybe trust isn’t something you lose.

Maybe trust is simply just our instincts.

And if that’s the case, I’ll see how well I can balance myself on life’s 4 inch wide apparatus. And should I fall…well, I trust that I’ll get back up and my instincts will take over once again.

Such is the lesson Of Trust.

**Check out my “Blogging Buddies” Alicia and Lynn and their take on TRUST.



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