Of Unity

Of Unity

I fully appreciate all those who engage in this blog in order that they may find an alternate perspective and perhaps an ounce of motivation to think differently or even feel affirmed.

Likewise, I fully appreciate all those who engage in this blog in order that they may question my views and intentions.

Either way, we are unified in the idea that the sharing of ideas is critical for us to be able to see alternative perspectives and then turn inward on our thoughts in order to make informed decisions and compile rational thoughts.

What happens when we get stuck in our own world? When we get stuck on our own idea and our own narrative?

We close our eyes and only see in the dark.

We shut our doors and escape in solitude.

We divide.

The erosion of our commonalities begins to take fold.

And then this.

Hate. Anger. Vitriol.

This plays out in an open forum seemingly every day. It also plays out privately and perhaps we choose to not address it because it poses so much discomfort.

Well, it’s time to be uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable with the hate. Uncomfortable with the anger. Uncomfortable with the vitriol.

Let’s talk!!

And I don’t mean angrily. I mean openly. Let’s talk with an eye on Unity.

Because, dammit, we need each other.

More and more we have to be here for each other.

This is my middle son with his best friend.

Sporting rival colors and rooting for different teams. And yet, they cheer for…each other.

Unity is embedded in understanding each other and recognizing our differences.

And loving each other even more for it.

If the very place where we exercise our thoughts and prayers are now places that are dens of fear and hate, we have no other option then to seek unity and intensify our thoughts and prayers for those who choose otherwise.

And if we think this is not a worthwhile venture because we, ourselves, have come to a static place, then do it for the kid in purple. Do it for the kid in red. Do it for the kid you wish you could’ve been.

Such is the lesson Of Unity.


Author: brusviews

I am what I am and that's not all that I am.

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